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Recent Work



JetBlue recently launched their new A321neo and wanted to showcase it’s awesome features and amenities in an engaging way.

As a team, we incorporated stop-motion animation into the SFX and showcased some unique qualities about the A321neo.


HULU/CAstle Rock

This experience became a spooky introduction for Hulu’s series, CastleRock.

This spot features locations from the show and some hidden Easter Eggs for fans.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.24.06 AM.png


Cramer reached out to collaborate on a shooting a Cybersecurity simulation - BANDERSNATCH STYLE - at IBM’s secure location in Cambridge.

This experience allows the viewer to get a first hand account of a cyber security attack and the defense protocol that follows.

Purveyors of the other side


Catch and Release Digital is a boutique production studio specializing in Virtual Reality filmmaking. Our collective of Producers, Artists, Digital Technicians, Editors, and Creative Visionaries have been hand picked from a wide net of industry game changers to bring you a team capable of delivering the highest form of original VR content.

VR as a storytelling apparatus is the definition of truly immersive creative content. It is the only tool that has the ability to literally transport the audience into worlds that they might not otherwise be able to experience. And these worlds are quite literally, at our fingertips. We have taken our audiences on board a duckboat as it transported Tom Brady and others through Boston during the most recent Superbowl Parade. We have guided our viewers through National Parks and taken them to the summit of some of Alaska’s highest peaks. We have provided BTS tours to clients ranging from distilleries to theme parks, Nation Wide. We have sat viewers inside the Red Sox dugout. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Catch and Release are headquartered in Boston with satellites in London, NYC, and LA, Catch and Release are set up to execute VR projects from concept to completion on a worldwide scale.

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Ruben Alves


Over the last 7 years, Ruben has worked as a Tech for Motion Picture and Commercial clients in the Boston area. Covering a range of expertise from LED Engineering to VR/AR User Experience design, Ruben always has a custom solution for the next big project. He considers VR to be the new great landscape for creatives / storytellers to truly connect with their viewers. With a range of VR experience collaborating with clients like IBM, Hulu, and the New England Patriots, Ruben hopes to explore the creative limitations of this immersive new medium.


TJ Freda

Graphic Design Partner

Since 2014 TJ has been busy working as an art director / designer between Boston and NYC . TJ has worked with an array of clients including: Puma, Google, MIT Media Lab, New Balance, Berkshire Hathaway, as well as creating the visual identity for Catch & Release Digital. TJ considers VR as portal to the new frontier for immersive design and video.